"I'm craving some magic, like the way it used to be."


Villeman is a singer-songwriter based in Bern Switzerland. His style combines elements of grunge, folk, americana into a fusion of harthealing pop songs. Most of his songs are written from the perspective of a common worker, in a society that is quickly evolving and transforming into a digital construct. They embrace the tragic, ironic story of everyday live while being aware of the remoteness of this dream in which we all live. A romantic, nostalgic aproach to the beauty and horror of humanity.

Villeman is a musical project of Christian Boss, born and raised around Thun in the swiss alps. He moved to Bern where he works as a system specialist in information technologies. Also he works as a sound engineer in several locations around Bern since he was eighteen years old. Starting off as a drummer in the early 2000's, he joined a rock group as a singer in 2010, but there are no releases of his early works. Thanks to his wife Alischa Boss, which is a singer-songwriter and part of , he was able to learn some guitar chords and start writing songs. After going through a lot of self-development and writing-struggles he finally could release his first song "Change" in 2021, which marked the start for Villeman. This was only possible trough the co-operation with producer Lukas Kipfer, guitarist from "The Souls" a pop-group based in Bern, because he could help Chris from an arranging point of view and thus finalize his first songs. This fruitful work continued until the latest release of Hurt 2023, while Villeman also played live-gigs in most of the favourable spots in the local area as a duo or with full band. His smooth voice and the toughtfoul lyrics accompanied by his raw drop-d guitar playing resulting in an edgy, out-of the box tonality are key features of Villeman.

"Der erste Song des Singer-Songwriters überzeugt auf der ganzen Linie. Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan und vor allem Isaac Gracie tauchen beim Hören des Songs auf. Hier scheint ein Romantiker am Werk zu sein - ausgestattet mit einer bemerkenswerten Stimme!" on "Change" in 2021