Oct 14, 2022

Thirty Years

Behold the oldest struggle of mankind, dealing with the fear of being mortal. Written out of the blue, in the year as Villeman turned thirty. That might be the first song he ever wrote, and thus a very important milestone. The guitar hook represents his unique playing style of using the ring finger on all the three low strings, while tuned on drop-d. The organic sounds and the beautiful backing vocals from his wife and her bandmate from Another Me, mix together beautifully to give you an almoust dream like experience, if you're listening to it with your headphones on.

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Jul 14, 2022

This Is Me

Soundwise one could say that Villeman is experimenting a bit with different styles. Well this piece is some kind of country-synth-pop with grunge elements in it. Curious? It was written after a night out in the train home. Chris was thinking about that little bad voice inside everybody's head, trying to deceive us into ugly situations. It's kind of an homarge to "Sympathy For The Devil" transformed into another genre with all the tools Villeman had at the time. Also to mention is the videoclip on youtube click me, which was a really funny thing to do.

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May 20, 2022

In the Dark

This is the first release in 2022 of a batch of 3 songs recorded in spring 2022. Villeman continued the colaboration with Lukas Kipfer and the groovefactory studios. This very emotional song was written during the covid pandemic and is dedicated to the weakness of humanity. The anger and desperation during lock down were musically transformed, which one can hear in the more powerful guitar parts.

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December 02, 2021


The birth-song of the new project Villeman brought to you by Christian Boss. During a jam the chords and mainhook have been developped, then the form and instrumentation has been shaped by Lukas Kipfer in the groovefactory studios in Bern CH. Storywise it's about letting someone go, or in a greater sense letting the world or even live itself go, because change can never be stopped.

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